Clicker Press Cutting Board

cjrtec cutting boards for clicker press machines

The cutting board on your clicker press plays a critical role in the speed and quality of the output of your job. The efficiency of the cutting and throughput of the material is directly affected by three main factors. These are: the type of press, the kind of die and the material from which the cutting board is made.

Many press users go years before discovering that a different type of die or cutting board material can significantly improve their production time and output quality. If a press is going to be cutting many different kinds of material, a nylon board has proven to be the most versatile. However, if a press will be cutting the same material everyday, it makes sense to fine-tune that operation and experiment with different kinds of cutting board material to find what works the best. Other types of cutting boards include; polypropylene, polycarbonate, natural nylon, cast nylon, PVC, and copper.

At CJRTec, we recommend using nylon boards, when it comes time for replacement. We also recommend that our customers find a local plastics supplier to source their cutting boards. Using a supplier that is close to the shop will reduce the shipping costs of the large and heavy cutting boards.

The following shows some technical data on a number of different kinds of cutting board materials.

What is the right Die Cutting Board for my Clicker Press?

Type of Material Product Name Density Tensile Strength Heat Deflection @ 66 psi Shore D Hardness (est)
Nylon NYCAST 6PA Natural 1.15-1.17 g/cm/3 10,000-13,500 psi 300-400℉ 84
White polypropylene PROTEC PP 0.9 g/cm3 4,900 psi 210℉ 78
Grey polypropylene FORMOLENE 5100J 0.9 g/cm3 4,900 psi 210℉ 72