Ordering Atom Clicker Press Parts

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Everyday, people contact us to help them with looking for and ordering parts for Atom presses. For the most part, these people are frustrated that they can’t find parts for these once great machines. Atom used to be the dominant provider of presses in the U.S. because factories trusted the Italian manufacturing. Atom’s older Italian presses were extremely well built but over the past decade they were replaced with cheap Chinese machines.

Most customers were completely unaware of this transition from Italian to Chinese machines and only discovered the issue after they had a machine go down and began searching for replacement parts. They learned the hard way that the older Italian machines were not compatible with the newer Chinese models.

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Factories are now trying to rid themselves of the Italian Atom presses while they’re still running because they’ve learned that when they break, spare parts can’t be found to repair them. This is why there are so many Atom presses for sale. The smart money doesn’t want anything to do with them because the presses are worthless without replacement parts.

In an effort to be of service to our customers, we have worked hard to track down spare parts for the well-built, Italian presses. Locating usable parts has been a difficult process but we have finally been successful in finding some reliable sources – to get you back up and running should your press go down.

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Then once your machine has been repaired, we recommend replacing it with a new one that has numerous sources for spare parts, lots of trained technicians that can work on it and a warranty.

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Unfortunately, the longer you stay with an older press, the greater your risk of ending up with a worthless machine that you can’t rely on.

Give us a call today and we’ll do what we can to be of help to you.

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