Used Clicker Presses

used clicker press

Over 80% of the used clicker presses in the market are discontinued from being manufactured — which means that replacement parts for these die cutting machines are hard to find, or worse, not obtainable anymore. We realize that there may be some good used clicker press machines available but if you can't get parts, it's just a matter of time before an expensive investment becomes worthless.

Quite frankly, this is why there are so many tired and worn out machines on the market. As an act of caution, large manufacturers are dumping their older presses before it's too late and instead are investing in die cutting machines with warranties and available parts. They don't want to be the ones holding the bag when an old clicker press finally breaks down.

If you've been looking at used clicker presses out there, insist on getting the contact information of the actual manufacturer and call them to verify that they are still in business and is willing to send service information and parts in the event of a break down. Then you should ask the seller to give you a written one-year warranty for your protection.

be informed

Be Informed and Be Careful
About Used Clicker Press Machines

We stopped accepting trade-ins in purchasing one of our clicker press for sale because most of the used die cutting machines in the market are no longer being manufactured,
which means that their parts are no longer available. After getting stuck with our share of used clicker presses, we made the decision that
it’s no longer worth the risk.