Steel Rule Dies
For Your Clicker Press Machine

steel rule die

Steel rule die comes in a variety of heights, thicknesses and bevels. Choosing the right steel rule is essential to good die cutting. The thinner the rule, the easier it will cut through your material – however the die will be weaker without backing. The deeper the bevel, the easier the cutting will be also, however the blade will dull faster.

There is a give and take with all these decisions. If your material is thin, then .937 rule height with backing should work fine, but if your cutting 3" foam, it's simply not going to work. The cavity of the die is not deep enough for the compressed foam.

There are many types of steel rule. Different thicknesses, different heights and different hardness. Sometimes you choose steel rule because you need a die that is very strong and other times it will be because you need a very tall die cavity. Every cutting objective is different, so there are different types of dies to accommodate the parameters of what your preparing to cut.