Cutting Machines: Choose the Right Machine For Your Business

Aside from clicker press machines, we also provide different cutting machines and solutions like CNC router, water jets, and profile cutters. Contact us today and we'll help you choose the best machine to suit your business needs.

CNC Router Cutting Table

CNC Router Cutting

Table Type Tslot
Axis XYZ
Input Controller RZNC-0501 DSP
Driver Yako
Water coolant spindle 3.5Kw - 4 bearing - 80mm
Rail Guides Hiwin 20 Linear
Ball Screw TBI 25
Power Requirement 2232v 3Ph 60Hz
Braker 30 AMP Required
Water Cooler 1500w

small waterjet machine with CNC monitor and controller

CNC Water Jets

Table Size 600 X 900mm
Cutting Head 2 Axis
Psi 10,000
Motor 9hp
Intensifier NA
Abrasive Delivery NA
Water Cooling NA
Control Cabinet Optional
Filtration Yes
Bearings Sealed

convoluter machine in side view

Convoluted Cutters

Model CJR2150FC
Weight 5511 lbs
Power 13.4 hp
Profile Width W 62"
Serial No. USA36477-223
Dimensions 186" x 60" x 60"
Voltage 3 Ph 220v 60hz
Blade length 362"
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