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USAbotics is one of the pioneers and leading manufacturers of industrial robots for complete manufacturing solutions in America. We have a robot for every application from material handling to palletizing, sealing and dispensing, assembly, 3d concrete printing, and machine tending.

Our Robots

KATA injection molding robot


Injection Molding Robot

The Up and Down Servo Robot allows high-precision positioning, suitable for quick mold change systems. The optional accessories for one set are clamp group and pneumatic C axis.

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NUMA Pneumatic Robot


Pneumatic Robot

This machine features a sturdy linear guide to support the 3-axis and an AC servo motor for the traverse, vertical, and crosswise axis. Its beam is made of alloy aluminum, thus while speed increases, vibration stays low.

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RAZA Gantry Robot


Gantry Robot

The robot is easy to assemble and versatile when it comes to applications, simplifying master control systems. The non-moving base is designed to be flat and rigid for stability and support.

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RUKA 4 Axis Robot


4 Axis Robot

The traverse stroke of this robot is made adjustable, featuring high-precision movement and efficiency. Mostly used as part of a stamping robot system to ensure accuracy, speed, and synchronization.

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ZETA 6 Axis Robot


6 Axis Robot

The type of robotic arm that provides more flexibility, performing a wider variety of applications compare to robots with fewer axes. A 6-axis robot is commonly used for material handling, picking, stacking, and in-mold decorating.

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