Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Our customers are our biggest assets. Take a look at the feedbacks and reviews about our machines and services.

We've been using CJR Clicker Press since 2014, and I have to say that it has transformed the way we do business. It is certainly a cost-effective solution that doubled our company's production.

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Joel Cormier

The Oakwood Group

Read what CJR Customers are saying about our Clicker Presses:

Jassy USA Logo

Amazing machine runs smoothly, and the customer service is great.

Jassy USA

Some companies only talk theory. CJR backs up each claim with real results and great service.

Mark King
Sewing Tech, Inc. Logo

The last die cutting machine you'll ever need to buy. CJR is the best choice.

Lisa Donhauser
Sewing Tech, Inc.
Anglers Resource Logo

Our new die cutting machine is easy to use; price is good, and not noisy. Thanks to CJR!

Jim Ising
Anglers Resource
Welded Fixtures Logo

Using CJR's Clicker Press increased our production by 200% in a week. It's amazing, period.

Richard Wall
Welded Fixtures
Philly Rubber Logo

While many factors always come into play in producing quality products, CJR has helped us achieve these kinds of results.

Jackie Hindman
Philly Rubber
James Gaskets Logo

Our CJR Clicker Press is everything we were hoping for and more. Moving to CJR is one of the best decisions we've made.

Denise Camarena
James Gaskets
US Duty Gear Logo

Our company is enjoying the benefits of our CJR automatic cutting machine. It continuously improves our production and labor practices.

Jose Luis Flores
US Duty Gear
Dynisco Logo

The CJR Clicker Press is precisely the best economical machine on the market today! It's more affordable and the quality and performance never get compromised.

Anthony Ferrante
Trinseo Logo

If you understand the limitations of a 10-ton Clicker Press, the CJR cutting machine would be the best equipment in the market. We love ours, just perfect for our needs.

John Kernstock
Bostik Logo

Other than their highly recommended cutting machines, CJR offers excellent customer support as well. They are always ready whenever we need help.

Linda Donahue
Advanced Casting Logo

Our company would not hesitate to purchase this CJR machine again. We've been using it longer hours per day and never had any problems.

Jeff Jacobs
Advanced Casting
Freshly Picked Logo

Our Clicker Press from CJR improved the quality of our products considerably! It's one of the greatest investments we have ever made.

Susan Petersen
Freshly Picked
Die Cut Technologies Logo

The price is right at all levels but the thing I like best is their support. They have a team on standby whenever we have a question or need help.

Jairo Barsallo
Die Cut Technologies
MJ May Material Specialists Logo

Out of all the machines, we've tried, I would put our CJR press at #1. We use it every day for several projects and it saved us a lot of time and money.

Walt Lopez
MJ May Material Specialists
Harness Designs, Inc. Logo

We were hesitant at first but after trying our automatic die cutting machine, we realized right away the benefits and convenience it offers.

Mike Harness
Harness Designs, Inc.
Costex Logo

Our press is durable and easy to use. Once you get past the initial set-up which is not that complicated, you're good to go.

Jorge Espinoza
Feet First Orthotic Lab Logo

We purchased a Clicker Press from CJR upon recommendation and after hearing excellent testimonies. However, it has even exceeded our expectations. Truly amazing!

Jason Williams
Feet First Orthotic Lab
Bright Abrasives Logo

CJR Clicker Press is definitely worth investing your money in! It may seem like a huge dent being placed in your wallet, but in the long run, it is more than worth what you pay for it.

John Mathis Halley
Bright Abrasives
CMS Green Logo

If you want an automatic cutting press built with excellent steel that most expensive machines are offering, and then this one is for you. Our own CJR Clicker Press is durable and easy to get used to.

Brandon Fenske
CMS Green
BS Trading Logo

CJR's Automatic Cutting Machine provides a level of excellence that can be summarized from the moment you enter the material until it comes out to the desired form.

Mark Ratterree
BS Trading
Pall Filter Specialists Logo

The company offers great deals with easy financing options. CJR knows our industry needs well so we couldn't be happier when we received our new press.

Elizabeth Buskirk
Pall Filter Specialists
Ergomat Logo

Our CJRTec Clicker Press machine works perfectly for our business needs, would not hesitate to buy another unit again.

Terry McHale
J&S Paper Southern Logo

After turning to Automatic Die Cutting Presses, our performance and product credibility went up, attracting more and more clients. Thanks, CJR!

Glenn Willwerth
J&S Paper Southern
Glock Store Logo

Our die cutting machine from CJRTec exceeded our expectations. It's less noisy and runs smoothly while cutting our materials.

Lenny Magill
Glock Store
Sun-Rayz Logo

Our company has been really satisfied with CJR. From the shipping process to setting up, to the operation, buying from them has been a smart choice.

Haim Mor Yossef
Landa Packaging Logo

We watched a lot of videos before purchasing and when our CJR press was finally tested in person, we're satisfied. Buy it, it's truly awesome!

Armando Landa
Landa Packaging
Feldware, Inc. Logo

Awesome machine and possibilities are endless. We are thankful for having a chance to experience the benefits of automation.

Charles Feldman
Feldware, Inc.
Copper Ventures Logo

The machine and software are very user friendly and operates wonderfully! A manufacturer's best friend.

Fred Stubenrauch
Copper Ventures
Furniture Mattress Supply Logo

This product met all of our expectations. Installation was straightforward and it operates as represented. Thanks to CJR!

Jason Graham
Furniture Mattress Supply
Cliff Carroll's Horseshoers Supplies Inc. Logo

For a lower price, CJR's machine is a great entry point for owners wanting a more efficient way to manufacture quality materials.

Cliff Carroll
Cliff Carroll's Horseshoers Supplies Inc.
ETSI Environmental Services Logo

Well-designed, sturdy, and made with quality steel. CJR Clicker Press is the perfect machine to cut all kinds of stuff, saving labor costs, time, and energy.

Terry Williamson
ETSI Environmental Services
Das Medical - Armond Groves Logo

The machine itself is great quality and a great product. Plus CJR has an excellent customer hotline so we are always confident with our press.

Armond Groves
Das Medical - Armond Groves
Coastal Automotive Logo

Our Clicker Press from CJR made manufacturing a breeze and every result was consistent. It's great and we're truly satisfied.

Clarence Martin
Coastal Automotive
Tri-State Plastics Logo

Now we can increase our production in the same amount of time rendered. CJR taught us that automation really makes a difference.

Cort Matey
Tri-State Plastics
North West Rubber Logo

CJR's product works as advertised. Our cutting machine has worked for long hours this year but we never had any problem with it.

Roy Dehaan
North West Rubber
Reguli Management Company, Inc. Logo

We have had nothing but great experiences with CJR! They offer excellent value and service. If contacted about a problem, they have always been prompt and dealt courteously with our inquiries.

Christina Reguli
Reguli Management Company, Inc.
ICS Manufacturing & Logistics Logo

Instead of cutting materials by hand, we use a Clicker Press to efficiently and more controllably crop [leather] into the desired shape. I personally recommend CJR to all manufacturers out there.

Teresa Fierro
ICS Manufacturing & Logistics
Danlee Medical Products, Inc. Logo

If you want a durable Clicker Press with the performance that approaches that of sets costing more, look no further than the line of CJR cutting machines.

Mary Richards
Danlee Medical Products, Inc.
TLC Advertising, Inc. Logo

I used to think that automatic cutting machines can only be purchased by big companies, but CJR made a custom 10-Ton Clicker Press for my small manufacturing business. They are the best!

Terry Clawson
TLC Advertising, Inc.
Royal Horn Wrap Logo

When something came up with our operation, CJR was there to help right away. They offer excellent customer service and high-standard machines, the best in the country!

Brett Siddoway
Royal Horn Wrap
RDM Enterprises Logo

CJR is a superior provider of Automatic Cutting Presses and we're impressed with how easy it is to set up a manufacturing business through their assistance.

Fay Fitch
RDM Enterprises
The Scandanavian Company Logo

Friendly, helpful, and treated us like top customers. We've been using CJR's Clicker Press and never had any problem since.

Carina Wood
The Scandanavian Company
Penguin Amusement, Inc. Logo

I must admit that I was kind of skeptical about the equipment at first, but now, CJR has become an important part of our business worth every penny.

Fred Taylor
Penguin Amusement, Inc.
Sensitronics Logo

I've always heard good things about CJR machines. Because a Clicker Press is automatic, you can't go wrong with it. I like the precision and attention to detail it provides.

Franklin Eventoff
Maryland Mustang Logo

After nearly a year of use, our CJR Clicker Press continues to work well. It performs great in cutting our materials, keeping the quality good and consistent.

Steve Cornely
Maryland Mustang
Educa Vision, Inc. Logo

A CJR Clicker Press is pretty easy to use. I wasn't too sure what I was going to think of a computerized cutting machine, but it is not too intimidating as one would think.

Feruiere Vilsaint
Educa Vision, Inc.
Viridian Green Laser Sights Logo

CJR press is quickly becoming our favorite cutting machine and the one we intend to stick within the long run.

Viridian Mike Cisewski
Viridian Green Laser Sights
Abrasive Source, Inc. Logo

We have been in the industry for many years and have always relied on CJR for best quality and reasonable pricing.

Ken Whetstone
Abrasive Source, Inc.
Iowa Rotocast Plastics, Inc. Logo

CJR Clicker Press is definitely one of the best time-saving machines we have purchased since we started our business.

Rusty Hagensick
Iowa Rotocast Plastics, Inc.
Cybertech Medical Logo

It was the smoothest, easiest, and most reliable for buying a new Clicker Press. Great customer service!

Mike Martin
Cybertech Medical
Vallen Logo

Our team was so happy with how our project came out and it was so much fun to use a CJR cutting machine.

Samantha Whorley

CJR cutting machines are top-notch performers and they work with just about everythingŚleather, textile, plastic, and even rubber.

Paul Stewart Stand
RubberCraft Logo

Their reasonably priced Clicker Press is a step up in automation from a lot of inexpensive die cutting machines. Our company loves CJR!

Michael Koblosh
Tedder Industries Logo

CJR always has a thing for durability. It's just a reliable name. So, we trust that our Clicker Press is going to last a long time.

Thomas Tedder
Tedder Industries
3 Space Logo

It's a great powerful tool and we can rely on it for everything related to cutting raw materials. CJR is amazing!

Brian Tabor
3 Space
Quebec, Inc. Logo

So far, so good! We have been really pleased with our CJR Clicker Press. It sounds just fine, less noisy than what we expected.

David Nadeau
Quebec, Inc.
Design Phase Logo

We immediately tried the Clicker Press out and loved it from the start. CJR also gave us helpful tips and it made our business even better.

Sean Mahoney
Design Phase
MCC Industrial Logo

Work is very easy with CJR. We recommend their presses to fellow manufacturers and business owners.

Mauricio Santillan
MCC Industrial
Oasis Sandal Company Logo

CJR is helping businesses save labor costs and manufacturing expenses. I see that as a real shift in the industry.

Colleen Carson
Oasis Sandal Company
Janesville Acoustics Logo

The CJR machine is not very loud compared to other cutting presses. We are happy with our purchase and would buy it again.

Diana Dunn
Janesville Acoustics
Permatron Logo

Great machine for the value! Our die cut press works wonders and it's one of the wisest decisions we've ever made for our company.

Leslie Sandberg
Wesmar Logo

With CJR, you can find a nice assortment of top performing Clicker Presses at prices that are substantially cheaper than other brands.

Kim Gerhart
Flexo Converters Logo

After doing a cost-benefit analysis, we realized that there would be some justification to buying an automatic press. We tried CJR and we're satisfied.

Aniek Potel
Flexo Converters
Stoughton Steel Logo

Our automatic cutting machine from CJR definitely lived up to our expectations. It boosted up our business's productivity and all of us produced quality results.

Andry Lagsdin
Stoughton Steel
Best Gasket Logo

All quality machines require a little investment into them in order to get what you want. With CJR, we got a fantastic cutting machine that's definitely worth the venture.

Roy Lucero
Best Gasket
LifeSource Inc Logo

If we would've known that CJR has this line of durable Clicker Presses, we would've gotten those years ago. Also, the staff is very friendly and always answers our questions right away.

Sean Squire
LifeSource Inc
All Filters Logo

CJRTec is by far the most responsive supplier we've ever had. Best after-sales service and their products are great.

Shu Saito
All Filters
Ameripolish Logo

Huge thumb up for practicality press is affordable compared to other brands but still works perfectly fine.

Clint Howle
Ameritape Logo

The best purchase we've made so far. Our automated press really speeds up our production, meeting all deadlines on time.

Tom Whipple
AMFIT, Inc. Logo

CJR has been in the business for a long time and they indeed know how to make cutting machines that work.

Kara Campbell
California Industrial Rubber Logo

It's an incredible value for a really fine cutting machine. We love CJR and would recommend them again and again.

Andy Campos
California Industrial Rubber
Green Rubber Kennedy Ag Logo

The cutting press is very nicely finished, inside and out and is much better than we expected for a less expensive automatic machine.

John P. Green
Green Rubber Kennedy Ag
Advanced Embroidery, Inc. Logo

We are in love with our cutting machine! It looks great and works like a charm since the day we purchased it.

Gary Roy
Advanced Embroidery, Inc.
Derby Industries Logo

Our Clicker Press machine suits our daily manufacturing operations. We owe our success to CJR and will do business again with them.

Andrew Karafa
Derby Industries
Global Fluids Logo

We saved labor costs and sped up the operation by 4 folds while using the Clicker Press we purchased from CJR. It's absolutely incredible!

Juan Bertero
Global Fluids
Arch Fitters Logo

There are many things we like about our CJR cutting machine. One of them is it has a decent design and works great with our material.

Bill Taylor
Arch Fitters
Akra Plastic Products, Inc. Logo

Compared to similarly priced sets and those that are priced higher, a CJR Clicker Press looks better in appearance and is less noisy during operation.

Alex Semeczko
Akra Plastic Products, Inc.
Jelinek Cork Group Logo

Setting up an automated machine for our business has been easy because of CJR. We are impressed with the equipment and people helping us as well.

Jay Jelinek
Jelinek Cork Group
Hanwha Azdel Logo

We realized we're wasting money and energy on manual cutting. Thanks to CJR for giving us a chance to upgrade our business.

Jon Rosin
Hanwha Azdel
Trim Parts, Inc. Logo

Our business switched to CJR a year ago and we've already noticed the improvements--speed and quality.

Dean Cartwright
Trim Parts, Inc.
Odyssey Electronics, Inc. Logo

We reduced 50% of our labor costs while doubling our production. Try CJR machines for yourself and you'll see.

Ernie Flamont
Odyssey Electronics, Inc.
Gale Pacific Logo

Our customers expect strict production deadlines so it's important to buy equipment from companies that are reliable. For cutting presses, we only trust CJRTec.

David Dean
Gale Pacific
Garrett Leather Logo

We have been using CJR's Clicker Press for almost 3 years now and we are contented with its results. More to that, their team answers all our questions and are always willing to help.

Kathy Raynor
Garrett Leather
Fresh Products Logo

Moving to CJR is one of those decisions I wish I'd made sooner. They gave us custom-built cutting machines that suited our specific needs and provided a full year warranty on parts and service.

Dr. Jeff Smith
Fresh Products
Spa Revolutions Logo

Their cutting machine is very modern compared to the ones that we previously used. I think our CJR Clicker Press will last a long time and we look forward to many more years with it.

Dan Young
Spa Revolutions®
Interstate McBee Logo

CJR Clicker Press should appeal to small businesses who can't afford automated equipment yet still wants a high-performance Die Cutting Machine.

Russell Kamps
Interstate McBee
B&G Conveyor Logo

After having a couple of low-end machines, our CJR Press was everything we ever wanted. It had tons of bonus features that we didn't even know we would love.

Ronald Fernandes
B&G Conveyor
Handful of Salt Logo

Compared to long-standing brands costing nearly double the price, we are very pleased that we took the risk and purchased a CJR press instead. It's worth it!

Joshua Jakus
Handful of Salt
J-DUB Logo

An automatic press is really good for any business that handles cutting of materials, mainly for manufacturing. CJR helped us hit our goals so we love them.

Jack Weiss
D6, Inc. Logo

For the most part, we are happy with our cutting machine from CJR. They also have an excellent support team, answering our inquiries anytime of the day.

Ed Dominion
D6, Inc.
Leader Tech Logo

If anybody is serious about staying in this manufacturing industry, they should give CJR a try. Their Clicker Presses are superior to any other machines we've used.

Jim Perry
Leader Tech
Hayatele Logo

CJR's Clicker Press is well built, a great help to our business. We bought it at a decent price and since then, we've increased our production.

Steve Pilmore
CyberKinetics Logo

CJR's people are very professional and kind. Their service is truly amazing just like the performance of their cutting presses.

Dan Saucier
Starboard Medical Logo

CJR Clicker Press appears to be of a superb design and of high quality. We highly recommend it for all cutting needs.

Tony Beran
Starboard Medical
CalMark Cover Co. Logo

We are very pleased with our purchase and I really love our CJR die cutting press. It's less noisy and works perfectly with our dies.

Natalie Miller
CalMark Cover Co.
CGT Logo

For anyone planning to upgrade to an automated cutting system, we highly recommend CJRTec's Clicker Press machine.

Mohamed Khan
Black Smoke Apparel Logo

Our cutting machine is exactly as we had hoped for. No issues and can work smoothly all day long.

Joseph Coppo
Black Smoke Apparel
Laminet Logo

Our CJR press is extremely easy to use, comes with useful accessories, and meets our business's needs.

Mike Briney
Kanson Electronics, Inc. Logo

CJR is a game changer! There's nothing like their affordable and high-quality presses in the market.

Art Filson
Kanson Electronics, Inc.
Spartan Shield Light Logo

We had a 10x increase in production. These results were only possible because of CJR's automatic cutting machines.

Jay Martinez
Spartan Shield Light
Eating Right Logo

After purchasing an Automatic Cutting Machine from CJR, our production skyrocketed with our sales.

Karen Foster
Eating Right

From their products to their services, everything is fantastic. CJR is such a great company and I highly recommend their machines.

Carlos Chapa
Joval Manufacturing Logo

The steel appears to be of high quality and were surprised that the noise level is low. We love our cutting press and won't be able live without it from now on.

John V. Valenza Jr.
Joval Manufacturing
Thermedia Corporation Logo

Our company is very happy with CJR. What we like most is the One Year Warranty that comes with any of their machines. This guaranteed us that we're making the best decision.

Cindy Edwards
Thermedia Corporation
Minnesota Rubber & Plastics Logo

Our CJR machine is excellent-- easy to set-up, easy to learn, and easy to operate. I don't think we can find any other press like this one.

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics
Bay Fabrication Logo

Excellent product we're very pleased with the quality of our die cut press from CJRTec.

Steve Nichin
Bay Fabrication
International Tag Source Logo

Build quality feels great and sturdy. We highly recommend the CJRTec Clicker Press to other manufacturers who want to upgrade their business.

Tami Barrow
International Tag Source
Armor Source Innovative Solutions Logo

We are very pleased with how our Clicker Press machine works. It runs smoothly and helps us with our everyday operations. CJR is the best!

Bryan Leis
Armor Source Innovative Solutions
Hawaiian Bath & Body Logo

After a ton of research, we decided to spend the extra money to get an automatic cutting press. We are so happy we did! CJR helped us increase our production and gave us more time to think of innovative ideas for our business.

Jerry Driscoll
Hawaiian Bath & Body