Different Types of
Clicker Die

Wood-Backed Type of Dies

Wood-Backed Dies

There are many different type of dies that are commonly used with clicker presses. The most common is a wood-backed die with 927 steel rule.

Acrylic-Backed Type of Dies

Acrylic-Backed Dies

Acrylic-backed dies are handy when you need to see through the die – in the event you need to place the die over a specific image or if you need to consider the grain or pattern of the material you are cutting.

Steel-Backed Type of Dies

Steel-Backed Dies

Some presses have magnetic heads that make for quick die changes that require metal backing. Some will simply add a thin, steel backing to their wood backed dies to accomplish the same thing. Sometimes steel-backed dies are necessary because of the specific needs of the die – such as spring ejection, heat-plate sealing or other considerations.

Textile Type of Dies

Textile Dies

Textile dies actually go by a number of other names like envelope dies, deep steel dies, etc. These dies generally have no backing and are sometimes reinforced with metal runners if needed. You can see through these dies as well, which is helpful if registration is important or if you need to see the pattern of what you are cutting.

Mold Type of Dies

Mold Dies

Mold dies are made up of a male and female component of the mold that works on a punch principle rather than a blade. This type of die is generally machined from various grades of steel or aluminum and assembled on two metal plates that are configured to cut in the same stroke position each time. This type of die can be designed with a number of functions like unique numbering stamps, heat plate sealing, spring ejection, registration pins, and so on.

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