Important Die Considerations

Most of the time, customers jump the gun on projects like these and then get frustrated when they can't get the answers they want because they lack the important information needed for companies to help them. This is definitely the case when it comes to dies and presses. Customers often understand what they want to do, but are already trying to get answers for steps 6 and 7 without first finishing steps 3 and 4. Unless you are familiar with die cutting and clicker presses, there is a lot to consider and learn. Otherwise, you may end up making some costly mistakes (yikes!).

In most cases, before you start shopping for a clicker press, you really need to have a good idea about the size and type of die you will be using. If you don't have a die, you should take a moment to read some of the considerations below. The die and material you are cutting will be the first question every Clicker Press company is going to ask you.

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Types of dies

It's worth noting that most of the time, a die maker will ask you what you want. Tell them what you're trying to cut and the die maker will give you a very generic die that will do the basics, but fall short of all that it could be doing. The problem is that until you have some experience in this area, you really don't know what to ask for, and many go years before realizing that a few changes in the design can save you thousands in labor. Do yourself a favor and spend some time discovering tricks and options that are life savers when it comes to fast cutting.

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